The Modules

  • How Jesus Introduced His Kingdom

  • How Jesus Described His Kingdom

  • What the Kingdom Looks Like on Earth

  • How the Kingdom is Structured

  • How the Kingdom is Governed on Earth

  • The Culture of the Kingdom

  • Kingdom Culture in Community

  • How a Kingdom Community Works

  • How to Live the Kingdom Way

  • A Kingdom of Deliverers

  • A Kingdom of Kindness

  • A Kingdom of Grace

  • How to be an Ambassador of the King

  • How the Kingdom is Always Advancing

  • The Authority of Kingdom People

How to Participate

For more information, to participate in School of the Kingdom, or to start a School of the Kingdom, please contact Phil Spence:

Phone:  +61 433 044 175



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What is School of the Kingdom?

The School of the Kingdom course consists of fifteen Modules which are intensives based on the Kingdom series of books authored by Phil Spence. Each Module is a stand-alone component of the course, so participants can join at any time. A Certificate of Achievement is awarded at the successful completion of each Module. A Diploma of Kingdom Studies is awarded following completion of all Modules.

The Founder

Phil Spence has been a leader, conference speaker, church planter, and Kingdom strategist for more than three decades. He is internationally recognised as an author, speaker and mentor.