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School of the Kingdom continues to develop globally. This year we have two formats. Firstly in many nations churches will continue to be the campus with the lead pastor teaching our course. We have more than 80 such locations globally. this approach causes the church to mature and develop a Kingdom mindset together. There are many testimonies of churches not having to hire staff because the pastoral care load has diminished significantly because of School of the Kingdom. Church members become effective in their communities and churches grow. Also church ministers grow in influence beyond their local church. 

Secondly, we now have a video format available beginning with leadership level modules for ministry and church leaders. We encourage people to form groups in homes or churches to watch a weekly video and discuss relevant points at the conclusion.  

What is School of the Kingdom?

The School of the Kingdom course consists of fifteen Modules which are intensives based on the Kingdom series of books authored by Phil Spence. Each Module is a stand-alone component of the course, so participants can join at any time. A Certificate of Achievement is awarded at the successful completion of each Module. A Diploma of Kingdom Studies is awarded following completion of all Modules.

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