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Francis Seni travelled to Bougainville and has reported a very special and successful mission.

The outreach on Buka Island saw people come from all over the region of Bougainville and many gave their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. One hundred and fifty (150) people got baptized in water and some got baptized in the Holy Spirit also while being baptised.


We went from Buka island to Bougainville mainland witnessing many to the Lord Jesus Christ. Mostly the united church members came out openly gave their lives to the Lord. We ministered and met with their bishops, the ministers the pastors of the circuits, and they also gave their lives to Lord. They publicly announced that they want everyone in their movement to truly worship God in spirit and in truth. We also have a leadership meeting with their leadership. 


We met many influencual people and discussed the issues affecting Bougainville. They are now organizing a big regional Reconciliation and Forgiveness Week program in partnerhip with the Government of Bougainville and the interdinomination churches throughout bougainville. We also met with the former BRA army and others for them to get involved in the program.

Project Kusambuk - Building Sustainable Communities

Project Kusambuk is a community development program in the nation of Papua New Guinea.

The goal is to create a model for rural development across Papua New Guinea and the project is being undertaken by Jabez International Mission Inc based in Brisbane, Australia, and Kingdom Conduit Foundation based in Rocklin California, USA.

In nations like Papua New Guinea, rural communities often lack basic services that are taken for granted in their cities, and in other nations. Kusambuk, a rural community in the East Sepik Province of PNG is such a community.

It has an excellent school campus, a thriving church, and a local store, but lacks good medical services, banking and postal services, local police presence, and opportunities for young people to work or engage in business. Project Kusambuk exists to establish much needed services and create a raft of opportunities for sustainable future development of the community.

The initial five year plan aims to provide:

  • Guest House Construction

  • Mechanical Repair Shop

  • Medical Centre

  • Post Office

  • Police Station

  • Bank

  • Community Centre

  • Tourism Opportunities


Traditional Yamano tribal chief bilum


Traditional Saussia tribal chief bilum


Bob Spence Technical High School official opening 2017

High School construction pic 2

High School building under construction

School assembly

Primary School student assembly

High School

High School buildings and teachers residence

School truck

Bob Spence Technical High School truck and students

Latest Aerial


Guest House Under Construction

Guest House under construction

Sing sing

Traditional sing sing

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