Phil preaching at DIWC Brisbane
Phil preaching at DIWC Brisbane

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Phil preaching at KLC Brisbane
Phil preaching at KLC Brisbane

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Conference in Brisbane
Conference in Brisbane

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Phil preaching at DIWC Brisbane
Phil preaching at DIWC Brisbane

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Phil Spence has been a leader, conference speaker, church planter, trainer, and Kingdom strategist for more than three decades. He is internationally recognised as an author, speaker and mentor.

Phil is based in Brisbane, Australia. He heads up Jabez International Mission and School of the Kingdom in many nations. Phil has authored a series of books about the Kingdom of God, and he oversees Jabez International Churches.

About Phil

About Phil

The church lost its Kingdom context long ago, but in our time, God is restoring our understanding regarding the Kingdom that Jesus brought from Heaven to earth. He is reordering His Church across the globe in order to return it to His original pattern as seen in the New Testament.

Because the Church exists to be an authentic expression of the Kingdom of Heaven on Planet Earth, it is essential that we have a current, unfolding revelation of God's purposes for His Kingdom here on earth.

Phil has written a series of books exploring how the Kingdom of Heaven is being established and advanced across the globe.

List of Books
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The King and His Kingdom (2010)

How to enter the greatest Kingdom of all time

Heaven on Earth.png

The Kingdom of Heaven on Planet Earth (2012)

Exploring the primary DNA of the Kingdom


Under the Apostolic Umbrella (2014)

How to be positioned for the greatest possibilities in the Kingdom of God

Establishing Kingdom Community.png

Establishing Kingdom Community (2016)

Discovering the elements that made the original church so attractive

Dynamic Kingdom Living.png

Dynamic Kingdom Living (2017)

Exploring the lifestyle of the Kingdom through the words of the King

A Kingdom of Kindness.png

How we express the love of God to a broken world

Ambassadors Cover Pic.png

Becoming true representatives of the King of kings

Kingdom Authority.jpg

Exercising our right to be about our Father's business

Jesus Kingdom.png

The Kingdom According to Jesus (2011)

Insights into how Jesus described His Kingdom


The Governance of the Kingdom (2013)

Understanding the management structure of the Kingdom

Kingdom Culture.png

Authentic Kingdom Culture (2015)

Translating the environment of Heaven to Planet Earth

Effective Kingdom Function.png

Effective Kingdom Function (2017)

Finding where you fit, then becoming fruitful and fulfilled

A Kingdom of Deliverers.png

A Kingdom of Deliverers (2017)

Our world is crying out for the sons of God to arise

A Kingdom of Grace.png

Becoming the most favoured people on the planet

The Always Advancing Kingdom.jpg

Onward Christian soldiers

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