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Recently huge parts of Pakistan were devastated by widespread flooding. There were many requests for assistance by ministries across the nation. Our partner, Silas Lazar, mobilised his ministry to provide much needed food and other assistance for people in his network. He visited the country and coordinated the distribution efforts himself. Many thousands of families were helped through his efforts.

Silas Lazar is the Founder of Mission Revival Churches International, Mission Revival School of Ministry, and Mission 'REVIVE' Pakistan. He is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada where he leads a multi-campus church.

Phil Spence was introduced to Silas Lazar by Ralph Rutledge who is a greatly respected man of God in Toronto, Canada. Ralph has been to Pakistan many times with Silas, ministering in conferences and crusades.



Silas Lazar.png

In January 2021 Silas invited Phil to speak on a Zoom meeting to his large network in Pakistan and other nations around the globe. Silas requested access to Phil's book entitled The Governance of the Kingdom which is being translated into Urdu and will be printed for the benefit of thousands of pastors and leaders across Pakistan.

I am studying (The Governance of the Kingdom) and making notes! Can't express my feelings in words. This is why we are working on the translation and printing process.


As I mentioned to you, during my trip in the last week of April 2021 I will be distributing 3000 copies (of The Governance of the Kingdom) in my leadership School to 3000 Pastor and leaders. 


In a few days, I will send you the cover design with Urdu print.

-- Silas Lazar

The Governance of the Kingdom - Urdu Translation.png

The Governance of the Kingdom now available in Urdu. Thank you to Silas Lazar for his commitment to advancing the Kingdom and translating this book.

اگر آپ اردو میں مملکت کی حکمرانی کی ایک کاپی چاہتے ہیں تو براہ کرم فل اسپنس کو ای میل کریں۔

If you would like a copy of The Governance of the Kingdom in Urdu, please email Phil Spence at

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