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Democratic Republic of Congo

2022 - Our network leader in the Congo is Fred Wakula. When Fred first connected, some years ago, he had a network of 21 churches which has now grown to 37 churches. He has convened his networks annual gathering after a hiatus due to Covid. Fred reports that the conference was a very powerful time and that they have ordained 12 new pastors. Please pray for these newly appointed leaders.

2021 - Since 2018 Nunda Abekwe has conducted School of the Kingdom in his location in the far east of DRC. Recently the original student body graduated having completed Module Six.

Democratic Republic of Congo 2021.jpg

In 2020 the eastern region of Democratic Republic of Congo was affected by severe flooding during the midst of the Covid-19 lockdown. Many lives were lost and property damaged. Jabez International Mission, together with its partners in the region, provided financial relief which prevented many more lives being lost through starvation and disease, and helped to repair properties.


Flooding during Covid-19 total lockdown


Community leaders receiving supplies


Dozens of communities severely affected by flooding


Extensive damage to buildings and many lives lost


Our partner Fred Wakula being carried through flood waters


Temporary provision of shielding from the extreme weather event


Our partner, Fred, with one of his leaders, holding up the confirmation of aid relief

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