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Apostles - They walk among us!
Who are they? What do they do?

This book is an attempt to describe the Kingdom of God as the grand context for the Ekklesia, led by true Apostles. This idea has become a movement which has grown and matured so that there is now a general acceptance of Apostles being amongst us.

This is beginning to change the landscape of the church. However, there is still much misunderstanding about who Apostles are and what they are tasked by Christ to do, both in the body of Christ and in the world at large. So then, who are Apostles, and what do they do? Read on!

Forward by Apostle John P Kelly - Convenor ICAL

In his book called Apostles – They walk among us! Who are they? What do they do?, Apostle Phil Spence shares an excellent plethora of biblical research combined with personal apostolic experiences! Spence demonstrates the evidence of a true apostle by revealing how God has used him to plant and raise churches/ekklesias and various missions throughout the world.


The fastest growing movement in Christianity throughout the world today is the Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement. It is particularly evident within the middle third of the world, where it is increasing very fast! However, the Apostolic Movement is growing even more rapidly within that movement, so we must get the apostolic dimension right - especially concerning the Who and the What. They are symbiotic, like the chicken and the egg. This book does just that! It’s a must-read for all who are studying to “show themselves prepared for the work of the ministry.”

The Kingdom Series

The church lost its Kingdom context long ago, but in our time, God is restoring our understanding regarding the Kingdom that Jesus brought from Heaven to earth. He is reordering His Church across the globe in order to return it to His original pattern as seen in the New Testament.  Because the Church exists to be an authentic expression of the Kingdom of Heaven on Planet Earth, it is essential that we have a current, unfolding revelation of God's purposes for His Kingdom here on earth. Phil has written a series of books exploring how the Kingdom of Heaven is being established and advanced across the globe.

Other Languages
The Governance of the Kingdom - Urdu Translation.png

The Governance of the Kingdom now available in Urdu. Thank you to Silas Lazar for his commitment to advancing the Kingdom and translating this book.

اگر آپ اردو میں مملکت کی حکمرانی کی ایک کاپی چاہتے ہیں تو براہ کرم فل اسپنس کو ای میل کریں۔

If you would like a copy of The Governance of the Kingdom in Urdu, please email Phil Spence at

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